Agile Energy Program Facilitation

Accelerate your energy and sustainability program to operate leaner and more profitable.


Services Designed to Optimize Energy Efficiency Project Costs

Construction costs have skyrocketed and high demand for equipment is lengthening the construction duration. Our Energy Program Facilitation Pathway is designed to control costs and develop energy solutions that your building needs, not what a contractor gives you. 


Our mission is to make energy efficiency accessible while promoting environmental equity. Leveraging grants and incentives, we make our services more affordable embodying our commitment to sustainable, equitable energy solutions for all. 



Transparent and Accurate Financial Modeling

Expertise and transparency are crucial in navigating the energy transition. Our financial modeling provides decision-makers with clear insights into the benefits of their investment, empowering them with the confidence to make strategic energy decisions.


Commitment to Climate Equity

As the energy transition shifts towards electrification, our industrialized and urban communities require support for an equitable energy transition. Our services are structured to be accessible to all, helping to modernize these vital systems in the communities that need it most.


Accessible Energy Services

Leveraging incentives, grants, and financing, we enable large-scale, self-funding projects through operational savings and capital reallocation. This approach limits costs, inefficiencies, and emissions by upgrading your entire HVAC infrastructure for long-term sustainability.

Develop a Tailored Solution for your Building

Championing your Energy Program Starts Here

  • Engineering Study

  • Financial Strategy

  • Procurement

  • Implementation

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Use Indoor Air Quality as the Driving KPI

Focus on IAQ: Our study prioritizes Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as the central decision-making variable, recognizing its crucial role in both health and efficiency.

Detailed Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis to estimate the costs and potential savings associated with HVAC modernization and energy efficiency.

Strategic Planning: The study lays the groundwork for a comprehensive strategic plan, tailored to maximize both your energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.


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Strategizing for Financially Smart, Sustainable Solutions

Decision-Making Support: Utilizing the financial insights from our engineering study, we assist key decision-makers in navigating the options for HVAC improvements.

Funding Solutions: We procure incentives, grants, and explore green financing channels to build a robust capital stack.

Positive Cash Flow Approach: Our goal is to establish an energy program that delivers positive cash flow from day one, with zero out-of-pocket costs, ensuring financial feasibility and sustainability.

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Innovating Procurement Solutions

Hybrid RFP/RFQ Process: We employ a unique hybrid of Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to reduce the procurement cycle timeline while selecting the best local contractors. This ensures a perfect blend of expertise, cost optimization, and in support for the local community.

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From Concept to Completion

Streamlined Project Management: Our approach to PM handles all aspects of implementation, significantly reducing the demand on your internal resources and freeing up your team to focus on what they do best.

Expert Design Review and Collaborative Excellence: Our engineering team collaborates with your contractor collaborating to refine and enhance design drawings for cost efficiency and energy conservation. This ensures a perfect balance between innovative design, cost-effectiveness, and energy conservation, guiding our clients towards the most efficient and practical solutions for their projects.



We help your team succeed. 

Energy Management

Employing data-driven analysis and implementing operational cost reduction strategies, Energy Management serves as a cornerstone for achieving both environmental responsibility and continued operational savings.

Capital Planning

Operational Savings can fund your asset's long-term HVAC modernization strategy. Accurately accounting for Opex savings is achieved through Measurement and Verification and evaluation of frequent maintenance invoices.


A well-structured procurement and implementation strategy is key to program success. OCOsink assists with prime contractor procurement and provides oversight from design through close-out and warranty.

Commissioning Services

As your Commissioning Agent (CxA) we provide rigorous oversight and quality assurance to ensure that all new building systems are functioning as designed and can deliver the projected operational savings.